Marinated Tofu

This "ugly delicious" block of firm tofu has been marinating in the liquid left over from a jar of grape leaves I used to make Vegan Dolmas. It tastes a bit like feta cheese.
marinated tofu
Brine from grape leaves stains tofu grey, but it's safe to eat and tasty.

Marinating can lend a cheesy flavor to tofu that I like in salads and pasta. Use firm or extra firm, depending on the texture you like. Drain the liquid from its original packaging. Place it in a bath of salty/sour liquid instead and leave it in the fridge overnight or longer.

You can make a marinade from water with a squeeze or two of lemon and salt to taste. This creates a subtle flavor like fresh mozzarella.

OR (my favorite zero-waste options) use the "whey" leftover when you make The Life Changing Magic of Homemade Soy Yogurt. To me, this tastes best. The whey adds a buttery quality.

OR use the brine left from a jar of stuffed grape leaves (see photo above) after you make Super Easy Vegan Dolmas. Similarly, you can use your favorite dressing or even pickle juice - though your tofu will taste... pickly.

Experiment to find flavors you like. Try cutting or crumbling the tofu before brining if you want a more intense flavor. Add water to dilute a strong brine. The worst thing that happens, you enrich your compost and spend $2 on a failed experiment.


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